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School Board Meeting Will Address Behavior Problems — Of The Board

By Charles Rogers
School Board Meeting Will Address Behavior Problems — Of The Board By Charles Rogers

By Charles Rogers

By all usual standards, the next meeting of the board of Community School District 18, scheduled for Tuesday, January 8th at 8 p.m., looks like it will be directed to and for the board itself, as opposed to the public, although it could prove to be interesting.

According to an agenda released by district headquarters, the rundown for the meeting includes an approval of minutes of their November 13th meeting and a report by President Donna Pensabene. It will also include a report on the district’s progress in implementing its comprehensive educational plan as stipulated by Superintendent Mrs. Paula LeCompte Speed.

The rest of the agenda will be focused on a resolution regarding the establishment of rules and procedures in how board meetings will be conducted.

Some of those "rules" include instructions noting that:

Board members should be considerate of others and on time for meetings;

Members should not directly address the assembly or speakers, but should address the chair;

Comments by members should be relevant to the issue being discussed and he or she must speak for no more than three minutes;

In the event the discussion at a meeting "degenerates into a hostile/abusive atmosphere," the chairperson reserves the right to call a five-minute recess. All name-calling, etc. will be ruled out of order.

Board members include Pensabene, Vice President Jack Zimmer; Secretary/Treasurer Lawrence Cohen; Abu A.Q. Abu; Dominick Andreassi; Mark Fertig; Julia L. James; Josephine Johnson and Lloyd Roberts.

The meeting will take place at the Max B. Meyers School, East 101st Street and Flatlands Avenue. The public is invited.

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