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From The Desk Of Mayor Rudolph Giuliani...

From The Desk Of Mayor Rudolph Giuliani...

From The Desk Of Mayor Rudolph Giuliani...

Plans For Future Will Help The City’s Healing Process

Last week, we marked the three-month anniversary of the September 11 attack on the World Trade Center, along with the one-month anniversary of the crash of Flight 587 in Belle Harbor, Queens. In both cases, our somber memories are coupled with immense pride in the heroism demonstrated by so many New Yorkers in the face of catastrophe.

The inherent justice of our nation’s war against terrorism becomes only clearer with time. The sickening video showing Osama bin Laden cheerfully claiming credit for the atrocities of September 11 steels our resolve to prevent this madman and his associates from ever perpetrating another act of terror. This unwavering determination will propel our recovery efforts and embolden us as we seek justice in the name of all those who were so cruelly taken from us.

After pausing to mark the three-month anniversary, I was proud to honor the victims of the World Trade Center attack with the reopening of the Battery Park Promenade. And in their memory, I was pleased to dedicate the new Gardens of Remembrance. These beautiful gardens offer an excellent view of the Statute of Liberty and their proximity to the former World Trade Center site make them ideal for quiet reflection and commemoration.

I also had the honor of reopening the World War 11 East Coast Memorial, which will further establish the Battery Park Promenade as an inspiring site where people from throughout the Nation and the world can come to visit and pay their respects to all of the those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our freedom and democracy. The redevelopment of the Battery Park Promenade symbolizes our commitment to remembering those we have lost. This project was completed on budget and on time, and is a shining example of our City’s determination to rebuild.

Lower Manhattan has been especially affected by the recent economic challenges, but we are fully dedicated to restoring this historic part of our City. Last week, I expanded the Lower Manhattan Grant Program in order to aid and stimulate more small businesses in the area. Grants will be made available to businesses so that they can fully recover from the economic setbacks that resulted from the unforeseen and incomprehensible events of September 11. This is just another part of my administration’s dedication to rebuilding a stronger and more united New York City.

Over the last three months, our city has made great strides towards a full recovery, and our determination and sense of purpose have never been stronger. We will continue to develop plans to commemorate our loss and build for our future, and thereby continue the process of healing.

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