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No Holiday Lights On "The L"; Funds Going To WTC Victims

No Holiday Lights On "The L"; Funds Going To WTC Victims

No Holiday Lights On "The L"; Funds Going To WTC Victims

By Charles Rogers

The Avenue L shopping strip will not be as brightly lighted this year than in past holiday seasons. Oh, to be sure, the stores themselves will have their own holiday lights, with wreaths and banners and depictions of Santa Claus and reindeer, and Chanukah and Kwanzaa and other festive celebrations. But the bright lights that previously hung high above the street will be gone, to be replaced by the lights of an inner glow within the hearts of the merchants.

According to members of the Avenue L Business Association, which is comprised of 80 to 100 stores and offices on the strip between East 92nd Street and Rockaway Parkway, they are forsaking the street lighting so they can instead donate the money normally used for the traditional activity to the World Trade Center victims fund.

Marty Niedleman, spokesman for the association, said each store is being asked to contribute at least $50 to the cause instead of stringing lights across the avenue, noting that each store will do its own decorating," He said the group intends to give prizes for the best looking window.

"At this time," Niedelman said, "the officers and members of the Business Association feel it’s more important to help those in distress; to help those in need, rather than cosmetically dress our street.

"Our hearts go out to the victims’ families," Niedleman continued, "and we feel that if we can make their holiday a little better, it’s certainly worth sacrificing our street lighting."

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