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Pataki Unveils Plan To ‘Rebuild NY-Renew America’

Pataki Unveils Plan To ‘Rebuild NY-Renew America’

Pataki Unveils Plan To ‘Rebuild NY-Renew America’

Governor George E. Pataki last week unveiled a comprehensive $54 billion plan to "Rebuild NY - Renew America" that calls on the Federal government to continue to assist New York’s businesses and working families to rapidly recover from the devastating September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City.

"The attack on the World Trade Center was not just and attack on New York and New Yorkers, but an attack on all America and on every American," the Governor said. "This was not only an attack on our freedoms and the American way of life, but an evil attempt to cripple the American economy by striking our nations’ financial capital - New York City.

"Now we must make restoring the strength of the New York economy one of our top priorities, and, to do that, we must rebuild our nation’s financial capital. As we have seen throughout the entire history of our nation, when New York and its economy succeed, America and the American economy succeed."

The Governor’s Rebuild NY-Renew America plan, developed in partnership with Mayor Giuliani and with input from business, labor and elected officials, includes three key categories of Federal assistance that would dramatically help New York City and State recover, rebuild and revitalize, including:

•Basic Rescue, Recovery, and Rebuilding Support for New York;

•Economic Recovery & Revitalization Assistance for New York’s Economy; and

•Support for New York’s Homeland Security Efforts.

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