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Integrating Technology Into Schools Can Be Beneficial

Integrating Technology Into Schools Can Be Beneficial

While 84 percent of teachers in the United States say that computers and Internet access improve the quality of education, two thirds say the Internet is not well integrated into their classrooms, according to NetDay, a national education technology nonprofit.

Most teachers also say they don’t use the Internet to communicate with students, parents and other teachers or for organizing activities, lesson building, working on projects or updating lesson plans. Considering that almost all teachers now have Internet access at the schools where they work and 80 percent have classrooms with Internet access, why is it that technology isn’t being used to its fullest potential?

Seventy-eight percent of teachers surveyed said lack of time was the No. 1 reason for not logging on to the Internet. Forty-six to 50 percent listed lack of equipment, slow access speed and no technical support hindering their Internet use. Thirty-two percent listed the lack of leadership from the school principal or administrators as a reason for not using the Internet. And 4 percent of teachers cited a lack of knowledge about how to use the Internet as to why they don’t use it.

Currently, 42 percent of teachers use the Internet when building new lessons or engaging in classroom projects and 62 percent don’t even update their lesson plans with materials found online.

But using the Internet in teaching actually can benefit teachers, parents and students alike. And specialized companies, such as Roanoke Technology Corp. (OTCBB: RNKE), make it easy.

For example, with RTC’s help, teachers can create custom Web sites that are professional-looking — even if they don’t have Web designing skills. Creating your Web site with www.rtcwebsite.com only takes three steps. First you choose and register your domain name (Web address). Then you choose a template (Web page design). Just fill in the blanks and you’re done. The best part is that a school can get this service for all its teachers for just a $39 set up fee and $1 per student per month.

Web sites are a great way for teachers to communicate with students and their parents by posting general class information, paper due dates, mid-term dates and specifics about big class projects. Teachers can also post homework assignments so that students home sick won’t fall behind in their studies.

For a free estimate on how to integrate today’s technology into your school, call 1-866-RTC-WEB-SITE toll free. (NU)

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