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Letters To The Editor Canarsie Unity Editor:

Letters To The Editor Canarsie Unity Editor:

Letters To The Editor Canarsie Unity Editor:

At St. Judes auditorium on September 30th, Canarsie had the opportunity to show its unity and solidarity at an interfaith service that remembered those lost and to pray for those suffering as a result of the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11th.

It was a time to sing, to pray, and to once again pledge our allegiance to our flag. People of all creeds, races, and of all walks of life stood as one, as Americans.

At this assembly I sat near three lovely young ladies and one fine young man of the Islamic faith. At the end of this service I introduced myself to them and told them how I enjoyed sharing this time together. They responded with such warmth, such smiling faces. They were anxious to tell me about their faith and its teachings of love and peace.

I was happy to attend this unity gathering and happy to meet my four new friends.

Rosemary Villegas

Dog Owners Scorned


While walking down my block (East 98th Street), I was shocked to see at least seven separate dog droppings along the street.

How dare pet owners walk your dogs on that, or any street, leave a disgusting mess, and clean it up?

Either you pick up after your dog or don’t walk in residential areas. If you dog owners are that lazy, they have no right to even own a dog, which, I might add, with ownership comes responsibilities!

If you don’t pick up after your dog, you definitely deserve to be fined!

Name Withheld

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