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Local Police CO Praises Troops;

Local Police CO Praises Troops;

Local Police CO Praises Troops;

Thanks Community For Support

By Deputy Inspector Jeannine Jennette

Commanding Officer, 69th Precinct

To All Canarsie Residents:

On September 11, 2001 both towers of the World Trade Center were struck by hijacked airliners. The ensuing building collapses and fires resulted in an untold number of injuries and deaths, including numerous firefighters, police officers and Emergency Medical Service workers. Immediately after the attack, the members of the 69th Precinct responded to the scene to assist in the rescue and evacuation efforts. Officers of your precinct responded from their homes and returned from out-of-state vacations to provide protection for this city.

The members of the 69th Precinct, along with every member of the service have worked extended hours, with no time off to ensure that the residents of Canarsie and New York City are provided with the necessary police protection, while at the same time helping in the rescue efforts at the World Trade Center. These officers have selflessly given up their personal lives, putting the residents of this community and the victims before their own needs.

We all know our officers are heroes, but the unsung heroes are the numerous volunteers that provided food, clothing and comfort during this national crisis. On a local note, on behalf of MY officers and staff, I would like to thank the countless members of the Canarsie and Brooklyn communities that gave us support during these most difficult times. Some people brought food for the officers to eat during the long hours, others provided transportation to the rescue site and many stopped in to offer words of encouragement. They were all appreciated.

On a personal note, I want to thank the many teachers who had their students write letters to the officers of the 69th Precinct, thanking them for helping to keep them safe from "Bad People". The looks on their faces as they read the notes showed how much the children’s words meant to all the officers. These letters did far more to re-energize my tired officers than any speech I could deliver. Children, do not worry, we are here to watch over you. I promise that to you.

I hesitate to thank any groups or individuals at this time, in fear of forgetting someone, but as soon as things settle down, we will individually thank everyone.

My last thoughts are about my officers, the members of the 69th Precinct. I just want everyone to know how proud I am of every member of my command. Without hesitation they put their own lives in danger to try and aid victims of this tragedy. The Canarsie Community is fortunate to have the finest officers in the City of New York.

My thoughts and prayers go out to members of the New York City Police Department and New York City Fire Department, and all the victims who lost their lives and some who are still missing. You will remain close to our hearts. To the residents of Canarsie, stay strong, stay together and "God Bless America".

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