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Community Shows Its Support After Trade Center Tragedy

By Charles Rogers
Community Shows Its Support After Trade Center Tragedy By Charles Rogers

Community Shows Its Support After Trade Center Tragedy By Charles Rogers

Residents of Canarsie, Marine Park, Mill Basin, Bergen Beach and surrounding cxommunities are showing their patriotism, support and sympathy in light of the tragedy of the Twin Towers disaster. Flags, some flying at half-staff, fly in front of houses from Remsen Avenue to Ralph Avenue and all the numbered streets between. One man, positioning his flag precariously on his porch rail said he wanted it to be at half-staff for the victims "but I just didn’t have enough room." Cars were seen with ribbons and small flags strung from their radio antennae and candles could be seen lit at the bases of flagpoles as a tribute to the dead and missing from the disaster.

Children throughout the local communities stood on street corners holding cups and coffee cans as they collected funds to send to the Red Cross and other emergency services.

Meanwhile, police, firefighters and other emergency services from the local area are spelling each other off in 12-hour shifts as they go to Ground Zero in Manhattan and take part in the rescue effort. "Tell everybody how grateful we are," said firefighters from Canarsie’s Engine Co. 257 and Ladder Co. 170 — Canarsie’s Bravest. None of the assigned firefighters from here or Battalion 58 were among the missing. They told the Courier that they lost many of their "brothers" with whom they had previously served. Their words of thanks were echoed by police officers from the 69th Precinct, whose commanding officer, Deputy Inspector Jeannine Jennette told the Canarsie Courier that the community has gone "all out to do anything they can do to show their support for all of us and we’re grateful"

A walk into firehouse or the precinct stationhouse tells the story as you see letters from local school children supporting them and food delivered to the respective houses

"I can’t believe how these emergency workers are turning around and thanking us," said one elderly gentleman walking on the parkway, "when we’re so grateful to these heroes."

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