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Candidate Levy Says He Welcomes Term Limits

Candidate Levy Says He Welcomes Term Limits

Abraham Levy, candidate for New York City Council in a district that spans Starrett City to Marine Park, feels that he can serve his constituents very well precisely because he is not a professional politician. It is apparent that voters are not happy with politics and politicians and are ready to turn to someone like Abraham Levy, a regular person who is not part of politics as usual. Levy feels that the imposition of term limits, whereby council members are restricted to two 4 year terms, is in the best interest of the average New Yorker. He feels that Council members will be encouraged by these new time constraints to produce visible results for their districts in a short period of time as "We are not there forever."

Many observers of City Hall fret that the huge turnover of council seats creates a chaotic situation where the newly elected are only nominally in control, while the old city bosses continue to wield power from behind the scenes. Abraham Levy is a totally independent candidate. He is not connected with any political machine nor is he endorsed or dependent upon the support of any current council member. "I am only beholden to the people I represent," Levy asserts.

Levy sees his strengths as coming from places far from the conventional political arena. His background includes a successful business and leadership role in many social service organizations. As a businessperson, Levy had to learn to manage resources efficiently in a highly competitive business environment. In both the volunteer and for-profit sectors, Levy was called upon to motivate people and create work environments where they could work together compatibly. Each of these experiences has refined the skills he needs in order to represent people effectively.

He feels strongly that City Council, to be truly representative, must reflect the diversity of New York’s population. Abe, a naturalized citizen who came to the U.S. 38 years ago, has unique insights into many of the problems that confront new Americans. He feels that his community office must be a resource that truly bridges the needs of his constituents and their government. The office must invite and enable residents to resolve issues with the various bureaucracies that they must deal with, from the school system to the telephone company.

To learn more about Abraham Levy, visit his website at http://masny.com/abrahamlevy.

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