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Soap Bubbles

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By Toby Goldstein
Soap Bubbles By Toby Goldstein ©2001 Tribune Media Services

"PORT CHARLES" HEATS UP THE SUMMER: Starting Monday, June 4, "Port Charles" launches its third 12-week story-line format, "Tainted Love." The story arc, which has teen appeal and a gothic twist, revolves around the romance of Eve and Ian, who are beginning a new life, only to be threatened by an accidental discovery.

The other part of the story line deals with the consequences stemming from the fateful race that involves Jamal, Alison, Jack and Livvie. Professional off-road racers Oakley Lehman, Ty Davis, Destry Abbott, Paul Krause and Jennifer Caputo give an authentic touch to the race when they guest-star on the show on June 4.

"PC" has also cast Francis X. McCarthy as Abe Kurland, a friend of Victor’s who has a psychotic episode in the woods. McCarthy, who has appeared in the films "Deep Impact" and "The Relic," debuts on Tuesday, June 12.

Monday, June 4 also marks the debut of Tracy Melchior in the role of Kristen Forrester on "Bold and Beautiful." Melchior previously played the scheming Tess on "Sunset Beach."

Following much speculation, Ingo Rademacher is expected to return this month to "General Hospital" in the role of Jax. Although Zander’s true love, Emily, is set to leave "GH," Chad Brannon will likely stay on in the part of Zander.

Linda Dano has returned to "One Life to Live" as Rae following several weeks of guest appearances on "GH."

In tandem with its June wedding extravaganza, the SoapNet channel is running a sweepstakes now through July 1. A trip to the Bahamas is the grand prize. Other prizes include a dream dress, gift certificate and spa treatment. To participate, entrants must answer four questions shown during the "Unforgettable Weddings" special. The questions are also available online at SoapNet.com, and entries can either be submitted online or mailed to SoapNet Presents ... An Unforgettable Romantic Getaway Sweepstakes, P.O. Box 5383, Unionville, Conn. 06087-5382.

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