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69th Precinct Explorers Take "Kidnapped" Boy Into Their Fold

69th Precinct Explorers Take "Kidnapped" Boy Into Their Fold

69th Precinct Explorers Take "Kidnapped" Boy Into Their Fold

By Charles Rogers

The 69th Precinct Explorers, an adjunct arm of the Boy Scouts of America, have taken into their fold an eleven-year-old student who, police said, skipped school one day last week and tried to cover up his truancy by lying and telling authorities he had been kidnapped.

Police Officers Jim Johnson and James Davis, the precinct’s youth officers who coordinate the Explorers, said as soon as they heard the boy was brought back to his Foster Avenue home and not officially charged with any wrongdoing, they reached out to him and invited him to join their group.

Detective Sergeant Kevin Kirby said the boy’s bizarre story began on April 6th when he decided to skip school because he wasn’t prepared for a test.

"The youngster concocted a story to make an excuse for missing school," Kirby said, "and he really told a whopper. Luckily, Detective Chris Karolkowski of our squad talked to the boy and the lie unfolded."

The story began when the boy approached a police officer at 37th Street and 7th Avenue in Manhattan and told him he had just been kidnapped and managed to escape his abductor by jumping out of a moving van.

The boy was taken to St. Vincent’s Hospital and, when authorities informed the local precinct, Detective Karolkowski talked to him and found out he’d made up the story.

"When he skipped school," Karolkowski said, "he decided to take a train to 8th Avenue. I guess he got scared then and decided to tell his lie to get out of it."

Sergeant Kirby said the boy was eventually not charged and was returned to his parents.

"An especially good factor in the whole story is that now the youngster is connected with the Explorers. I think he learned a lesson," he said. "I certainly hope so."

The Explorers recently moved their operation from the Foster Avenue precinct stationhouse to larger quarters at P.S. 114.

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