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Abraham Levy: Bring Government To The People

Abraham Levy: Bring Government To The People

Soon-to-be City Council Candidate from the local area, Abraham Levy.Soon-to-be City Council Candidate from the local area, Abraham Levy.

You wonder where he came from, this down-to-earth native of Mill Basin who is now running for Councilman Herb Berman’s slot in the 46th District. Abraham Levy obviously doesn’t have any "airs" about him, showing an unpretentious interest in your life because he thinks he can help to make it better.

As his press paraphernalia states, Abraham Levy lives up to what his supporters are saying about him, all right, bringing a specific plan to his campaign for the Council seat — and he brings with the plan a long record of community service and accomplishments.

Serving on the board of directors of the Mill Island Civic Association, Levy’s leadership and fundraising activities have provided for the purchase of a new ambulance to serve the community, as well as support for many other worthwhile causes. He and his wife have received numerous awards for their philanthropy and leadership in humanitarian efforts. They have been honored by the International Board of Governors at their 40th Annual Dinner at the New York Hilton and recently received the Presidential Award from the Y.S.I. Scholarship Dinner at the El Caribe Country Club in Mill Island. They also received the Y.C.H. Community Leaders Award and the Humanitarian Award from the Shaare Zedek Medical Center benefiting the Woman and Infant Center. These activities obviously reflect their profound commitment to humanity.

As a community leader, Abraham Levy has been active in supporting political causes, yet he is not obligated to any political organization and is entirely dedicated to direct community service and the well-being of all its people.

Abraham Levy was the first president of the Sephardic Center of Mill Basin, which recently completed a new building to handle its growth. In 1990, he was asked to return to the Flatbush Park Jewish Center as its vice president and membership chairman and, of course, its membership doubled. He is currently serving an unprecedented sixth term as president of the center, which also is currently completing a new building to handle its growth.

These accomplishments stem from Abraham Levy’s ability to get people with different viewpoints to find common ground and work together.

Does Abraham Levy have a plan?

"Of course," he says. "My plan is to bring government to the people, instead of waiting for them to come to it. Some people come forward only when they run into a problem, and they certainly deserve their representative’s help. Yet there are uncounted others, also residents of our district, who do not know where to turn or how to get help.

"To reach these people, I am willing to come out to meet them in person, in local community groups and in the streets. I will find out which aspects of their neighborhoods are working well and which need improvement. And I will make use of the new technologies, such as the internet, to allow our residents to discuss issues with me from their own homes at any hour. Instead of pointing to citizen apathy, government should take the initiative and come to the people."

Abraham Levy brings a record of accomplishment, due to his outreach, his effectiveness at generating cooperation and support and his personal touch in getting people with different viewpoints to work together for the common good. This is his approach to success, and it works. He brings a combination of skills and values, experience and character that, in the eyes of those who know him or know of him, "is a community treasure."

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