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After Opening Loss, Lady Chiefs Rebound Vs. Lincoln

After Opening Loss, Lady Chiefs Rebound Vs. Lincoln

After Opening Loss, Lady Chiefs Rebound Vs. Lincoln

By Michelle Mignott

Whoever said three was a charm didn’t see Canarsie High School’s varsity girls basketball team’s last three games.

The Lady Chiefs lost three consecutive non-league games against such top ranked teams from Brooklyn Tech, Francis Lewis and Cardozo. However head coach Michelle Goodman still feels that her team has the potential to be a winning team. She feels they have not yet found the spark they need.

Surprisingly, the Lady Chiefs are still optimistic about the forthcoming season and have what it takes if they dig deep enough, they will find exactly what they have been missing.

The season-opening league game was played last Thursday. It was time to for the Canarsie coeds to reap the rewards of the hard work they exerted in practice sessions — or so they thought. The Canarsie girls lost 72-66 to Madison.

The atmosphere in the Canarsie High School gymnasium was filled with a competitive spirit. When the Madison girls walked onto the floor everyone was ready.

At the end of the first quarter Madison led 23-16. During the second quarter the Lady Chiefs were frustrated by what they considered "obnoxious calls" by the referees.

At the end of the third quarter the Lady Chiefs managed to pull within two, 57-55.

In the final minutes the Lady Chiefs let the referees affect their play claiming, "That game was the most unbalanced refereeing anyone could have witnessed. The refs made calls clearly were meant to go the other way."

The Lady Chiefs went to the line only 5 times, compared to Madison’s 21.

When asked what was her reaction to the outcome coach Goodman said "We didn’t loose that game it was given to the other team."

Despite any controversy, Goodman feels that had she gotten better performances from her guards the game would have gone another way.

Inga Stephens led the Lady Chiefs’ scoring with 18 points and grabbed 12 rebounds. Junior Lisa Piedra tallied 16 points, 4 assists and 4 steals. Senior Michelle Mignott added 10 points and 8 rebounds.

Despite the disappointing loss the Lady Chiefs looked to their next game against Lincoln High School, which took place on Monday.

The Lady Chiefs earned their first victory of the season, defeating the Lincoln girls. It was a much needed win for the Canarsie coeds who refused to give up after losing four straight.

The Chiefs played a fine first quarter, holding the Lincoln coeds to only one point. Going into the second half the Lady Chiefs kept up the intensity and led 37-12 at half-time. However, Coach Goodman reassured her team, "The game was not over" At the end of the third quarter Canarsie was ahead 54-20.

The Lady Chiefs high scorers were Selena Mcgilivary with 12 points and 10 rebounds. Stephens had 11 and 6 rebounds. Latoya Coley added 11 points and Piedra had 10.

The Lady Chiefs next opponent is Fort Hamilton.

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