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Make A Wise Decision When Going Wireless

Make A Wise Decision When Going Wireless

Cell phones have become the talk of the town, with the number of phones in use nearly doubling in the last three years.

Experts estimate that by the end of 2000, half of all American homes will have one.

If you plan to enter the wireless market in the future, following these simple purchasing tips may help you make the right call when picking which phone and service plan is right for you.

• Choose The Right Service Provider. Make coverage and reliability a priority. Analog services, which transmit similarly to radio waves, generally provide the most extensive coverage.

Digital services provide clearer sound than Analog, but often at the expense of coverage range. In addition, the service makes available to consumers popular features like caller ID, and is necessary for a wireless Internet connection. Can’t decide which is right for you? Don’t worry. Many companies offer dual-mode phones which are capable of providing both service types.

• Select A Service Plan That Fits Your Budget And Needs. Plans generally run the gamut in price range. Take advantage of the free features that many of them offer to get the best value for your dollar. For example, a person who travels frequently may want to consider a plan that covers free roaming or free long distance. People who plan to use their cell phone often should choose a plan that provides a large number of minutes at a set price and with a discount for "off-peak" hours.

• Choose A Phone That Is Just Your Style. Phones come in enough shapes and styles to suit just about anyone. Pick the phone that’s right for you. If you plan on using your phone to surf, consider buying a phone that is Web-enabled. It is also a good idea to buy a phone with a long battery life, as continually recharging a cell phone battery tends to shorten its life expectancy.

• Dial Up All Your Options. Use the perks offered by the information age to safely enter the wireless one. Information regarding cell phones is abundant on the Net. For example, the Sundial Marketplace Corporation has a Web site that provides users with tips on making cell phone purchases, as well as advice on the many ways that wireless devices can be used to access information and make transactions.

Visitors to the Web site can purchase hands-free accessories (now required by law in many areas for motorists who use cell phones), as well as phones and service plans from such industry leaders as AT&T, Sprint, Audiovox, Erikson and Motorola among others. (NAPSI)

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